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We offer manure fertilizer to agricultural clients in Winnsboro, TX and the surrounding area

Are you looking for an effective soil fertilizer for your land? Connect with Clear Ranch Ag Services in Winnsboro, TX. Since 2012, our family-owned and -operated business has been helping local and regional agricultural clients improve their crop yield through the use of alternative fertilizers. We offer a selection of manure fertilizers. Choose from our dry or liquid rabbit fertilizer. You'll appreciate the difference it makes to your land.

Our garden and soil fertilizer is sold in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Delivery is available for our liquid fertilizer, and we can ship our products out of state too.

We're a proud GO TEXAN partner. Learn more about our company by calling 903-365-3058.

Built on family, powered by rabbits

Whether you're a local gardener or a mass agricultural producer, you won't regret purchasing your manure fertilizer from Clear Ranch Ag Services. From our plot in Winnsboro, TX, we've built a trustworthy reputation among farmers and ranchers. We have dry and liquid rabbit fertilizer for sale as well as liquid lime, potassium and phosphorus and can ship our products anywhere in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Transparency is important to us, so you can trust us to be upfront about the source of our fertilizer.

We're happy to offer a natural solution to common farming and ranching problems like:

Poor soil
Pest infestations

Choice Adkins

Bought 20 gallons of Rabbit Tea Fertilizer February 27, 2023

"The fertilizer is doing real good. I put it on 11 acres of Fescue grass and it's growing like crazy, I noticed within the first week the Fescue grass was already 6" tall.

Laurie Haberson *Repeat customer since 2018

Bought 110 gallons of Rabbit Tea Fertilizer on March 10, 2023

"The fertilizer is working really good, the pastures look great. I have used your company for years, I would never use anyone else."

John Hendricks

Bought 17 gallons of Rabbit Tea Fertilizer on March 20, 2023

"I am very pleased, the fertilizer is easy to use the instructions where great. I will be coming back to purchase more.

Steve Thomas

Mr. Thomas used Clear Ranch Ag Services spray service on 50 acres on March 25, 2023

"The fertilizer has done good, I would like to purchase more.

Craig Schluter *Repeat customer since 2020

Bought 55 gallons of Rabbit Tea Fertilizer and 1 pound of dry fertilizer on April 21, 2023

"The fertilizer is awesome, the garden is great where we used the dry fertilizer and the pasture looks super."

Donnie Gee

Bought 110 gallons of Rabbit Tea Fertilizer on May 1, 2023

"I like the fertilizer we want to come back in the fall or in the spring of next year for more. I am impressed with it and very happy with the results. I put it on almost 60 acres and the grass did well."

Brett and Marye Bickham

Bought 550 gallons of Rabbit Tea Fertilizer and 90 gallons of Super 6-14-6 (liquid Phosphorus) on May 17, 2023

The customer sent us their soil report and we made a recommendation of fertilizer and Phosphorus from the soil report.

"Following the crippling drought, Army Worms, and grasshopper infestation in 2022, coupled with the soaring costs of fertilizers we were beginning to think our hay producing days were going to be a thing of the past.
After much research and communication with Clear Ranch Ag Services we felt a glimmer of hope in our horizon!
We purchased and applied their fertilizer the second week of this past May, 2023. In less than two weeks time, as you can see in the before and after photos the results were simply astounding!
While baling we quickly realized our windrows were going to be so huge it was necessary to adjust our rake to accommodate the volume of cured grass feeding into the baler. What a nice issue to have!
Our yields were over twice what we've harvested in years past as well.
Many thanks to Clear Ranch Ag Services for not only an amazing product but all the customer service along the way.
The process was much simpler than we anticipated and will DEFINITELY be placing another order as soon as rain is on our horizon.

Brett and Marye Bickham
Bickham Ranch
Clifton, Tx.

Toey Courtney

Toey Courtney used Clear Ranch Ag Services spray service on 35 acres on May 29. 2023
Clear Ranch Ag Services made a recommendation from a soil report to apply 5 gallons of Rabbit Tea Fertilizer and 1.5 gallons of Super Lime Plus per acre.

"We are super happy with the results. We have never had this much grass in that pasture, we are baling right now and want to have the pasture sprayed again."