All-Natural Liquid Tea Rabbit Fertilizer

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All-Natural Liquid Tea Rabbit Fertilizer

From our Winnsboro, TX farm, we offer many sizes of rabbit manure products for the home gardener to the 1000s acres rancher.

What's so special about rabbit manure?

Here's a few reasons why our all-natural liquid rabbit fertilizer is special:

  • It's the best source of micro and macronutrients of all animal manures.
  • It's a great source for beneficial microorganisms that benefit your soil and plant growth.
  • It's low sodium so it's a "cold" fertilizer
  • It has almost no odor
  • It fertilizes and creates better soil structure

The traditional animal manures are all "hot," they have to be composted or they'll burn your plants...and they're high in sodium (average 4-5%). Research shows continued use of "hot" manures contributes to soil salinity.

Synthetic fertilizers are also high in salts, our All-Natural Liquid Rabbit Tea Fertilizer is low in sodium (salt) so you don't run the risk of salinity in your fields.

Why Our Natural Rabbit Fertilizer Product Costs Less

We're an Ag family in Winnsboro, TX, not a chemical conglomerate. We know the aches and pains of ranching. We have made a commitment to our customers that we'll supply a quality product at a reasonable price.

Do we make a profit? Yes.

We're a business, just like you are. We want to stay on the ranch and leave a legacy for our grandchildren.

Do we make an extravagant profit? No

We don't have any big shiny corporate offices to maintain. But we do have to keep the roof and tractor repaired. We're just like all ag families, selling a quality product at a fair price.

Save On Input Costs and Increase Pasture Nutrients

Our rabbit fertilizer comes with a promise that we have your back. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction.

If it doesn't seem to be working we'll help you find out the problem. Soil testing is critical to determine nutrient and microbial levels. We suggest a Haney or PLFA soil health test. It's not just about the N-P-K levels, but also the microorganism populations.

In the 12 years since we started our business, we have replaced less than 5% of our product and we have a better than 90% success rate with our customers. We believe that's because we take the time to work with our customers to make sure they get the best results with our products.

What do our customers have to say?

Ready to Invest in Your Land?

Here's our order form with some questions about your ranch, farm, or backyard garden. Let us know what you need and we'll get your property greening up in no time.

The fertilizer is doing so well, noticed a change within 2 weeks after laying out. Will be a repeat customer!

Mr. Miller 2021

I bought 10 gallons from y'all a little while ago and I'll swear by your tea for my garden until the end. My green beans are making a bushel every 3 days, my corn is 9 ft. Y'all, I have onions that are bigger than softballs. It is so far my very best garden! I love that tea.

Mr. Hogue 2020

Andi Moore

Andi Moore used Clear Ranch Ag Services spray service on 60 acres March 30, 2023

"We just rolled the hay and made over 200 bales on 60 acres, the fertilizer did awesome. We want to use your fertilizer service again."

Wendy Gonzales

Wendy Gonzales used Clear Ranch Ag Services spray service on 80 acres on April 16. 2023

"The fertilizer is doing great. We want to use your spray service again it really made a difference in the pasture."