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Additional Ag Products

Clear Ranch Ag Services - Distributor of Soil Amendments

Here in Winnsboro and throughout Northeastern Texas many soils have become out of balance due to overgrazing, tillage, and use of synthetic fertilizers. This isn't the optimum soil condition for healthy plant and beneficial soil microbial growth. Our natural rabbit fertilizer will amend an unbalanced soil, but it'll take time.

As ranchers ourselves we know you need quality pasture and soil structure now. We've partnered with to bring you products to decrease the alkalinity of your soil quicker.

What if your soil is neutral or just "a little" out of balance? The addition of these soil amendments can buffer your entire ecosystem against extremes of weather. Natural fertilizers and the liquid nutrient amendments we distribute are high in complex carbohydrates. Those carbs keep your microbes fed so they're creating organic matter in your soil all season long.

When you've got healthy biologicals in your soil, you'll get strong and nutrient dense plant growth. Plants and microbes have evolved together as allies, let's make sure they both have the energy needed to help each other.

Ag Products We Offer - in Addition to Natural Rabbit Fertilizers

Super Lime Plus is a liquid lime formulation. One gallon is equal to 1,500 pounds of dry lime so it's very cost effective. We've seen it work very well with our rabbit fertilizers because Super Lime Plus supports microbial activity and organic matter formation.

Super K 29 is a liquid potassium formulation. It can be sprayed at the same time as Super Lime Plus and the liquid formula natural rabbit fertilizer. Make one pass over your pasture or field, save time and money. And it doesn't have the chloride of granular potash. You don't run the risk of creating saline soil from heavy potash applications.

One gallon of Super K29 equals 125-150 pounds of granular potassium, without the damaging effects of the chloride and excess iron found in the granular form.

Super 6-14-6 is a liquid phosphorus. Photosynthesis can't take place in a plant without sufficient phosphorus. For the entire life cycle plants need phosphorus, for root growth, improved seed set, and greater resilience against disease and extreme weather conditions.

One gallon of Super 6-14-6 liquid phosphorus is equal to 125-150 pounds of the granular form.

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Liquid Soil Amendments More Cost Effective

These ag products in liquid form are easy to apply, more cost effective than granular, and support good plant growth. There are no dangerous interactions to worry about like chemical inputs.

On our order page we've listed costs for these products. They're in liquid form, so shipping is a consideration.

Don't have the equipment or time to add these nutrients or our rabbit fertilizers to your pastures and fields?

We've got you covered!

Clear Ranch Ag Services Offers Spray Services in Winnsboro, TX and Surrounding Areas

Sit back, relax, let us do the work for you.

Since 2020 we've offered a Spray Service to our customers. It's a convenient way to get all the right nutrients on your fields or pastures in the right amounts and at the right time.

Here's how it works to optimize your soil health:

You send us the results of your soil test.
We create a customized blend of rabbit natural fertilizer and liquid nutrients.
We request you have a minimum of 10 acres to spray.
On our order page there's a breakdown of the charges for spraying and the quantity of Free soil amendment included. If more of any amendment, rabbit fertilizer or nutrients, is needed there will be an extra charge.

Do you have more questions? Our goal is to help you optimize your soil pH, microbial populations, soil organic matter, and plant-available nutrient content. And to do that as quickly as possible.

Contact us or call (903) 365-3058.